Radio Micro Force







The Radio Micro Force module works in conjunction with either Analog V+F or Digital Micro Force models and the 3- channel FI+Z system to provide wireless zoom operation. When the Radio Micro Force module is powered, the FI+Z wireless network recognizes its presence and hands over to it control of the zoom function. When the unit is powered down, zoom control reverts back to the FI+Z HU3 Hand Unit.

The module has a bright LED bargraph display of the Zoom position. End limits can be set with the touch of a button are shown as illuminated bars. A tri-color LED is used to indicate signal strength. Additional LED displays show the radio channel, power /battery status, and camera run/stop indication.

An adjustable bracket system securely attaches the module to the Micro Force control. A high capacity Li-Ion battery (FM500H equivalent) allows approximately 8 hours of operation.

Product Numbers 4015 and 4016 include a cable for use with the Digital Micro Force or Micro Force V+F3 respectively. Also included are 2 x Li-Ion batteries and a charger.

Size: 100mm x 77mm x 28mm (4" x 3" x 1.2" )
Weight: RMF module: 340g (12 oz)
Bracket: 130g (4.5 oz)
Typical operating time: 8 hours
Battery Type: 7.4V 1.8AH (FM50 enhanced type)
Charger: Sony BC-VM50 with US standard line plug.
Charger Operating voltage 100-240 VAC.
Charge Time: 4.5 hours

Product Numbers:
4015-G4     Radio Micro Force with cable for Digital Micro Force
4016-G4     Radio Micro Forcewith cable for Micro Force V+F3
4449     Radio Micro Force cable (spare) for Digital Micro Force
4448     Radio Micro Force cable (spare) for Micro Force V+F3
4040     FM500H Li-Ion Battery (spare)
4041     Charger for FM500H battery w/ US standard plug

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