The MDR-3 combines a four-channel motor driver with the G4 microwave transceiver to provide industry leading ruggedness and reliability. Its electrical efficiency has been greatly improved making possible a 31% reduction in volume compared to its predecessor, the MDR2. At the same time a host of new features have been added:

New: additional motor port

  • Lens control for stereo cameras using prime lenses
  • Motor for rotating filter or other purpose
Improved G4 radio
  • Completely backwards compatible
  • Adds new channels 30-59 Eliminates co-channel interference on channels 30-59 when directly next to other FIZ units. New digital channel displays eliminate mechanical switches. Automatic Cable/Radio switching
New: analog input port accepts inputs from:
  • Microforce zoom controls.
  • Video style lens controls from Canon and Fujinon
Camera port
  • Supports R/S for Arri, RED, Sony, most industry digital cameras.
  • New: Support for Canon C300, C500
New: Timecode and Genlock port
  • Store lens metadata on USB stick (in development).
Additional serial port. Direct connection (no interface boxes) for accessories:
  • CineTape
  • Fujinon digital lenses Canon digital lenses
New: USB port.
  • Update firmware with cable connection to PC or Mac.
    Stores lens metadata to flash drives.
Simple mounting options
  • V-block quick release for Alexa, F65
  • Clamp to matte box rods

Product # 4110