The FI+Z is a 3-channel lens and camera control system. This latest version of an industry classic brings together robust construction, high precision and intuitive operation. The system can control both lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR).


  A typical system consists of the Hand Unit, a Micro Force zoom control, the Motor Driver, a set of Digital Motors.

  DM2 and DM1X motors are powerful, accurate, rugged and very quiet. They are available with both 15mm rods for use with swing arm brackets or with an integral mounting bracket.



Additional modules can be added to split off the focus, iris, or zoom functions from the Hand Unit.

The Focus-Iris module takes over either the focus or iris function from the Hand Unit. Perfect for pulling T-Stop with a digital camera.



The Radio Micro Force module adds the convenience of wireless Zoom operations to the FI+Z systems.


  The F/X module enables a variety of in-camera effects: speed ramping with either iris or shutter exposure compensation, or compensation using both iris and shutter compensation in combination. Additional effects programs allow the shutter and iris to be linked for depth of field control with exposure compensation. Finally, the unit provides recording and playback of up to 10 minutes of lens and camera data.


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