The new MDR3 is a four channel motor driver. It is smaller and lighter than its MDR2 predecessor and packs new capabilities:

  • Thirty new microwave channels (also backwards compatible)
  • Analog input for Microforce or Broadcast style controls
  • Two serial ports: no interface units required for Cine Tape, i-Lens connections, Fujinon Cabrio lens control
  • USB recording of lens metadata
  • Timecode and Genlock inputs
  • More!

  • Download MDR3 New Features document

The DM4 motor has a new two-sided rosette attachment point for more mounting options.

The HU3 hand unit uses Lens Mapping to match the focus marks on the lens pre-printed focus rings. The mapping software has been enhanced:

  • The Lens library is organized in folders
  • The top level folders carry the names of manufacturers
  • The second level folders are within the manufacturers folders. These folders are named by lens type
  • The list of lenses within a lens type folder is automatically sorted in ascending order of focal length
  • The number of calibration points has been increased from six to ten
  • Leica Summilux Cinema lenses can now be mapped

For more details see the Quick Start Guide: Quick Start Guide