The Light Ranger 2 measures subject distance across 16 zones arranged horizontally across the image. Its companion video overlay unit shows graphics which indicate the direction and the amount the focus knob should be turned to bring the subjects on the monitor within the depth of field of the lens.

No marks, moving camera, shallow depth? The LR2 autofocus function handles otherwise impossible focus pulls.

The new MDR3 is a four channel motor driver. It is smaller and lighter than its MDR2 predecessor and packs new capabilities:

  • Thirty new microwave channels (also backwards compatible)
  • Analog input for Microforce or Broadcast style controls
  • Two serial ports: no interface units required for Cine Tape, i-Lens connections, Fujinon Cabrio lens control
  • USB recording of lens metadata
  • Timecode and Genlock inputs
  • More!

  • Download MDR3 New Features document

The DM4X motor has 50% more torque than its predecessor. New two-sided rosette attachment point gives more mounting options. Perfect option for size constrained applications.

The HU3 hand unit uses Lens Mapping to match the focus marks on the lens pre-printed focus rings. The mapping software has been enhanced:

  • The Lens library is organized in folders
  • The top level folders carry the names of manufacturers
  • The second level folders are within the manufacturers folders. These folders are named by lens type
  • The list of lenses within a lens type folder is automatically sorted in ascending order of focal length
  • The number of calibration points has been increased from six to ten
  • Leica Summilux Cinema lenses can now be mapped